Westdene School Orchestra meets every THURSDAY morning 8.00 - 8.40am in the Music Room. 

Anyone who has been learning any of the following instruments for at least 2 terms is welcome to join us:

Violin     Cello     Guitar     Clarinet     Saxophone     Flute     Mandolin     Ukulele     Recorder    Bassoon     Trumpet      Trombone    Oboe



 Please see Mrs. Bright if the instrument you play isn't listed above & you would like to join the orchestra.


Click on the relevant year below to listen to our performances & see photos of us:

Orchestra 2011-12

  Orchestra 2012-13

Orchestra 2013-14

Orchestra 2014 -15

Orchestra 2015 -16

Orchestra 2016-17

Orchestra 2017-18

Orchestra 2018-19

Orchestra 2019-20