Song Writers Club 2022-23



Welcome to the Song Writers Club page 2022-23!!



Meet our fabulous Song Writers members in September 2022!


Years 5 & 6  Song Writers 


Years 3 & 4 Song Writers


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Tues. 22nd November 2022

Click on the thumbnails below to see Songs Writers performing in our Music Ensembles Concerts:




Click HERE to listen to Y3 & Y4 Song Writers performing in our concerts & click HERE for Y5 & Y6 performances - they were great!




Meet our brilliant Year 3 & 4 Song Writers club members in January 2023!


..........and our equally brilliant year 5 & 6 song writers members in January 2023 too!


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March 2023

Click on the thumbnails to see our super-talentd song writers peforming in our Spring Concerts:




Click HERE to listen to Y3 & 4 Song Writers performing

Click HERE to listen to Y5 & 6 Song Writers performing




Meet our Year 5 & Year 6 Song Writers in May 2023...


.....& our Year 3 & Year 4 Song Writers in May 2023, too!


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June 2023

Informal Summer Presentation to families - click on the thumbnails to see Song Writers performing:




Click on the song titles to hear our amazing song writers performing:

101 Thoughts Bouncy Bouncy
Broken Rain Cherry Pie
Crazy Mad Coffee is the Leader
Cry me a River Elderflower
Error Meow Duck Duck
Fly Parkour
People say Things  
The Right Way Round