5G Soundmakers January - March 2023


Welcome to 5G Soundmakers page!


Children in class 5G participated in a trumpet Soundmakers project from January - March 2023.

Sessions were led by brass specialist teacher Richard Baker from our local music hub "Create Music". Families joined us for a celebratory concert / end of project presentation on Wed. 8th March 2023.



Wed. 11th January 2023

Our very first session - everyone did SO well, well done! Click on the thumbnails below to see 5G learning how to hold their trumpets & preparing to play their first sounds:




..........& click on the play buttons to hear our very first sounds too!



Wed. 25th January 2023

Click on the thumbnails to share in 5G's third trumpet session - they can already play the notes C, D, E, F & G!



....and listen to their fabulous playing too!



Wed. 8th February 2023

Another completely amazing session, well done everyone! 

...and of course a chance to hear some fabulous playing too!




Wed. 22nd February 2023

Even after a holiday, you're still playing brilliantly - well done!! We have just one more session before our end of project concert & also learnt another new note today! What great progress!








Wed. 1st March 2023

Our final session before our concert next week - your playing was stunning today, very well done! Click the play buttons below for a sneaky peak of what you can expect to hear in our concert next week:




Wed. 8th March 2023 - Concert Day!

Congratulations on a fabulous concert 5G! Your playing was stunning & it was hard to believe how much progress you had made in just a couple of months, well done!

A big thank you to families for coming to support our concert. Click the play buttons below to hear 5G's brilliant performance:



Click the play button below to see a photo presentation of 5G's Soundmakers Project:





Congratulations 5G - what a totally brilliant project!!