5G Soundmakers September - November 2023


Welcome to 5G Soundmakers page!


Children in class 5G participated in a trumpet Soundmakers project from September - November 2023.

Sessions were led by brass specialist teacher Richard Baker, from our local music hub "Create Music". Families joined us for a celebratory concert / end of project presentation on Wed. 8th November at 11am. 


Week 1 Wed. 13th September 2023







Week 2 Wed. 20th September 2023









Week 3 Wed. 27th September 2023







Week 4 Wed. 4th October 2023






Week 5 Wed. 11th October 2023





Week 6 Wed. 18th October 2023




Week 7 Wed. 1st November 2023






Week 8 Wed. 8th November 2023 - Concert Day!

You gave a brilliant performance, well done!


What a great project - congratulations 5G!!