5S Soundmakers September - November 2022


Welcome to 5S Soundmakers page!


Children in class 5S participated in a trumpet Soundmakers project from September - November 2022. Sessions were led by brass specialist teacher Richard Baker from our local music hub "Create Music". Families joined us for a celebratory concert / end of project presentation on Wed. 16th November at 11am.




Wed. 14th September 2022

Our very first session - what a fabulous start you made, well done! Click on the thumbnails to see 5S working SO hard...






Click on the play buttons to hear our very first trumpet sounds - ever!






Wed. 21st September 2022

Our second session - you learnt SO many notes today - C, D, E, F & G!!! All in one session, very well done!


Click on the thumbnails to share in what we did....



.......and of course listen to 5S's fabulous playing in only their second session!






Wed. 28th September 2022

You worked incredibly hard today & made fabulous progress, well done!! We can now play 2 complete songs & have begun to learn a third one. This is fantastic in just 3 lessons!!




Click the play buttons to hear today's great work!







Wed. 5th October 2022

Wow!! You were amazing today! I can't believe how many notes & pieces you can play - well done! Click on the thumbnails below to share in photos from today's session:







........and listen to the fabulous progress we're making too!




Wed. 12th October

Yet another amazing week of playing, well done 5S!! Click on the thumbnails to see 5S working so hard (again!)




........and of course listen to their fabulous playing too. Compare with our very first sounds in week 1 to see just how much progress everyone has made!



Wed. 9th November

Our final session before next week's concert! Click the play buttons below for a sneaky peek of our concert pieces:




Wed.16th November

Concert Day!! Congratulations 5S - your concert was brilliant! Click the play buttons below to share in a couple of our pieces:


....and of course a few photos of 5S performing & celebrating afterwards!




Click to watch a photo presentation of 5S's Soundmakers project:





Congratulations 5S!! What a brilliant project!!