The Arts Blog
  • Thursday 1st February (Mrs Laing)

    We are finding out about new artists this week. We made dice and put a form of the arts that we like on each face. We are going to roll the dice and find out about a new artist in that field. Next week we will share our findings. Which artists are you inspired by? Why?


  • Friday 19th January (Mrs Laing)

    We had an Infant Arts Ambassadors meeting yesterday and talked about all of the arts that we have been doing here in school. In Year 1 they have been inspired by their trip to Brighton Toy Museum and have been creating marvellous drawings of their favourite toys. Year 2 learnt the song 'Cabbages are green' as part of their science topic on healthy eating. What fabulous performers they are! 

    What arts have YOU been doing out of school? Are you like some of our Arts Ambassadors who are learning to play the piano, guitar or recorder? Are you also in Junior Choir? Come and tell us all about it. We meet every Thursday lunchtime in Badgers class.