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  • News Update 11/05/2018 (Mr Franklin (Admin))




    This week the children have been busy observing their sunflowers looking for signs of change and helping to replant them in the allotment area. We are very excited about watching them grow over the coming months. The children were also called upon to help us investigate some strange activity in the tunnel outside. Ask your child about what was left behind. 


    Year 1  

    In Year 1 this week we have been learning how to count on when we add two numbers together. We have also been investigating what cress seeds need to grow. Finally, we have enjoyed finishing writing our own 'Jack and the Beanstalk ' stories and look forward to sharing them with Year 2! 

    The maths home learning this week will be on a sheet rather than from the maths book, it will be practising how to make number bonds to 20, by making sure both numbers on either side of the = symbol add up to the same (20).  

    Finally, a reminder can all children please practise their spellings each week. 


    Year 2 

    This week we have enjoyed completing orienteering activities outside. We have developed our mapping skills, learnt about coordinates and had to work together as a team to cross boiling lava. In Art, Van Gogh has inspired us and we are very proud of the collaborative pieces that we have created in each class. Please work on page 32 and 33 in the Maths Workout Book to support work in class. 




    Year 3  

    Last week year 3 loved planting fruit trees in the school orchard with our wonderful school governor and horticulturalist Phil McDonald. To help us understand where fruit comes from, we have been learning all about plant pollination by making model flowers with the correct male and female parts.


    Year 4 

    This week we have been completing a class book in the style of Jackie Morris's book Tell me a Dragon.  We are going to send her copies of the children's work in hope of a reply!  Please can you help us, by encouraging your children to read an analogue clock face as much as possible over the next few weeks.  Little and often is the best way to master this life skill. We have been covering this area of maths in class, but a little more practice would be great. In science, we have been learning about animals and their environment. 


    Year 5  

    Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed creating the finished product of their unit 'Tourism and Modern Greece' this week. We have looked carefully at web design, exploring typography to help us create our logos for our website company. The children have inspired us with their creativity. They have used their own pictures from their homework to create engaging webpage designs and have used their fabulous persuasive texts. Miss Chenley has been so?convinced that she has booked her trip to Santorini! Maybe the other year 5 teachers can be persuaded...?Well done year 5! 


    Year 6  

    Hello we are back, the usual bloggers are here to write about our spell-binding week. S.A.T.S are extremely imminent (4 days left to go) so we have been revising crazily. In science, we have started to learn about genetics; inherited traits and how eye colours are passed on. P.E has mainly been focused on cricket (this has included throwing and catching skills). We have explored the meaning of, and how to manage stress in P.S.H.E; we have also designed posters and leaflets on how to tackle it. To help us expand our mind-sets we have been doing presentations on subjects we used to struggle on. These presentations have helped boost our confidence and turned us into experts!  

    Written by Jack, Holly and Madelyn [Y6 Bloggers]. 

  • Tuesday 8th May Year 5 Poetry & Music Workshops (Mrs Bright)

    Tuesday 8th May 2018 Year 5 Poetry & Music Workshops with J.J.Morval

    All of our year 5 children were lucky enough to spend time writing poems with author Nick Butcher, writing under the pen name J.J.Morval today! Each class spent a session with Nick writing poems based on a theme of "The Four Seasons", the children then had a session with Mrs Bright composing music to accompany their poetry. In the afternoon classes had the opportunity to perform their work to each other.

    The children worked very hard during their workshops & wrote some beautiful & imaginative poetry & Nick was very impressed with the work they produced. Congratulations to year 5 & a massive thank you to Nick for coming into school to share his talents with us!!

    Click the link to find out more about Nick Butcher (J.J.Morval):


  • Saturday 5th May Brighton Festival Children's Parade 2018 (Mrs Bright)

    Saturday 5th May 2018 - Brighton Festival Children's Parade

    Today was the launch of the Brighton Festival 2018, as always it began with the Children's Parade - an opportunity for nearly 70 schools in the Brighton area to come together & celebrate creativity & the arts.

    This years theme was paintings, each school was allocated a specific painting - Westdene was given Pablo Picasso's "Mandolin & Guitar". Congratulations to our Year 3 children & Samba Band who were part of the parade & our wonderfully talented Denise Bradley who created the most incredible "big make", which was a model of Picasso's painting - how does she do it??!!

    As you can see from photos below the sun shone & we all had a fabulous time! A massive thank you to everyone involved with this years parade & to all the brilliant parents who gave up their Saturday morning to be with us, thank you so much!!