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  • News Update 09/02/2018 (Mr Franklin (Admin))

    News Update 09/02/2018


    It has been wonderful to celebrate the children’s achievements so far this term with you all at our parent consultation evenings.


    This half term has been full of many highlights, including lots of exciting school trips, workshops and special events, such as our World Culture Day. The children have been admiring the vast array of culture sculptures on display around the school that were inspired by this event. Thank you to all the children who brought in a model (and the grown-ups who supported making them!). It has sparked the children’s imaginations and inspired conversations about the different cultures they represent.


    Looking ahead, we have a lot more to get excited about, including Finance Fortnight, the spring concerts and Let’s Dance at the Brighton Dome. If you would like to support with the Finance Fortnight week in any way, please contact the school office as soon as possible.


    We hope that you have an enjoyable half-term break and look forward to seeing you again on the 19th February.


    Thank you for your on-going support.

    The Senior Leadership Team




    Another half term has flown by and the children have made fantastic progress. It was a real pleasure to share this success with you during parent consultations. The children did a wonderful job of performing their Lion Dance to the nursery children to conclude our Chinese New Year celebrations. We have had some very interesting discussions during reflection time about what it is like to live in a city and comparing life in Brighton to life in Beijing. 


    Year 1

    This week in science, the children explored different materials to find out which would be best for Barnaby Bear’s coat. We also had a fantastic drumming workshop that the children thoroughly enjoyed, and a puppet show at Westdene Library.


    Year 2

    We have enjoyed some wonderful musical experiences this week. On Tuesday we had an African drumming workshop and then we were very grateful to have Ruaidhri’s grandad in again to teach us about digeridoos. We now have a new signup sheet for the reading programme for next term. Jane Skea has very kindly offered to run training for reading with children at school on the 27th February 9-9.30am in the school library. This training aims to give helpers tips and skills to support children even further. The first week back we are still in need of volunteers to help on the Booth Museum school trip so please let us know if you can help. Over half term we have set a research homework about nocturnal animals in preparation for next term's topic. If you wish to do maths work please look on the WOMBLE for lots of resources or use the Sumdog or Maths Birds websites.


    Year 3

    The children have been busy writing instructions relating to our class book, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They have also been out around the school to practice taking photos in time for our upcoming trip into Brighton. The children took some fantastic shots of the snow-covered playground and other features around school.


    Year 4

    Year 4 were visited by some students from the University of Sussex who set up lots of forces- and sound-based experiments for the children to try. They also continued to work on their times table games that they are creating in computing. In maths, the children have explored fractions of shapes, using modelling clay and counters.


    Year 5

    We have been so proud of the children's enthusiasm, passion and resilience as they have written their final piece in regards to our Earth and Space topic this half term. We were blown away by the ambitious vocabulary choices and scientific knowledge they used to support their writing and can't wait to delve further into these great reads! In science, the children have been exploring telescopes and gaining an understanding of past scientific theories about space, learning about the geocentric and heliocentric models. We would like to say a BIG well done to both Jupiter and Mars Classes for their wonderful assemblies over the last few weeks - that rap was 'out of this world!' Have a lovely week and happy Friday! 


    Year 6

    This week in maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and nets and creating them. In music, we have enjoyed learning some music notes and playing an app on the iPads so we can become familiar with the notes. In science, we made fortune tellers with fun and educational facts about the heart. In computing we are beginning to make a coding game on scratch using Morse code. [By Alice and Archie, Year 6 Bloggers] 

  • World Culture Day Work (Mr Franklin (Admin))

    World Culture Day Work


    Here are some of the wonderful pieces of artwork that the children created during World Culture Day (on Friday 26th January). We also have lots on display around the school.






  • Tuesday 6th February Year1 & Year 2 African Drumming Workshops (Mrs Bright)

    Year 1 & Year 2 African Drumming Workshops - Tues. 6th February 2018

    Children in years 1 & 2 participated in some fantastic African Drumming workshops this week. Led by African Drumming specialist Daniel Gilmore, from Sussex Music Workshops the children learnt how to play djembe, darabuka & doumbeck drums. Year 2 children learnt how to play 4 part rhythm patterns (yes, 4 parts!!), whilst year 1 children played the drums in a variety of styles as they went on a jungle adventure!

    These workshops were funded through our Creativity budget & monies raised through our school concert performances during the year. We would be unable to offer the children experiences such as this without your support, thank you very much.


  • Friday 2nd February Orchestra trip to Worthing Symphony Orchestra Concert (Mrs Bright)

    Orchestra trip to Worthing Symphony Orchestra Concert

    Members of our school orchestra enjoyed a fabulous trip to watch Worthing Symphony Orchestra performing at the Worthing Assembly Halls on Friday 2nd February 2018.

    The orchestra were giving a concert specifically for schools & played lots of familiar pieces - Grieg's "Hall of the Mountain King" & Beethoven's 5th Symphony (1st movement) were very popular with our group! We also had the chance to listen to some new pieces & join in with some singing & clapping as the orchestra played. This concert was organised by West Sussex Music Service & we were very lucky to be able to attend such a brilliant concert!


  • News Update 02/02/2018 (Mr Franklin (Admin))

    News Update 02/02/2018


    Stop Press – Outdoor Learning Hub: We are thrilled to share some very exciting news with you all. The ‘Friends of Westdene’ have kindly agreed to fund a brand new outdoor learning hub on the school grounds to enrich educational provision at Westdene. This exciting new space will offer many more opportunities for children to learn outdoors. We hope that the children will feel inspired and enjoy many positive outdoor experiences to support their personal development and learning across many curriculum areas.

    We are indebted to the ‘Friends of Westdene’ for their generosity in making this possible and for raising such significant funds to cover the cost of the project, estimated to be in the region of £25,000. Thank you to everyone who has supported the ‘Friends of Westdene’ events in support of this fund-raising campaign. All being well, we hope to have the new learning hub up and ready for the start of the summer term.

    We will keep you posted on this exciting new development in our weekly newsletter. Watch this space!


    Finance Fortnight: We are pleased to announce that our annual Finance Fortnight will be taking place from Monday 5th until Friday 16th March. Children across the school will be immersed in a number of exciting learning opportunities to help them develop their financial capability and economic awareness. The projects have been carefully planned to provide a real context for learning and an opportunity for children to apply their knowledge and skills across a number of different subjects.

    One of our overarching themes this year is ‘Jobs of the Future’ in which pupils in Years 5 and 6 will be asked to work together to think about the sorts of jobs that might be needed to meet the needs of the population in ten years’ time. It is mind-blowing to think that 65% of today’s students will be doing jobs that don’t even exist yet.

    A separate letter giving you more information about this event will be distributed with this newsletter. We would welcome the support of parent/carers and grandparents to assist with some of the activities.

    We would also love to hear from you if you are someone who works in science, technology, engineering, arts/creative technologies, media, medicine and healthcare.


    Allotment Area – Volunteers needed: The classes are now beginning to prepare their allotment beds in preparation for the new growing season. We are looking for adult volunteers to help us get the allotment area ready for the new growing season. If you can spare an hour or so one afternoon and would like to help the children prepare their allotment beds, plant their seeds and look after produce as it grows, please can you let us know. We would love to welcome any grandparents or parents/carers who would like to get involved. We look forward to hearing from you.


    Parent/Teacher/Child Consultations: We would like to remind parents that the consultations take place next week. These meetings provide an opportunity for teachers to share your child’s interim assessments and review their progress. The classroom will be open to give children an opportunity to show their work to parents and celebrate their achievements.


    Thank you for your on-going support.

    The Senior Leadership Team




    This week the children have been busy rehearsing their Lion Dance during PE and are looking forward to performing to the nursery children. The children have also been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world and various customs and routines. To finish the week the children helped to prepare fresh vegetables for a delicious vegetable stir-fry.


    Year One

    We have had a fabulous week in Year 1 this week! The teddy bear's picnic was a resounding success and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing our biscuits and sandwiches with the teddies. We have also started an investigation to find out what material would be effective for a teddy bear's coat. Please could the children complete page 32 of their maths books this week. Thank you for your continuing support.


    Year Two

    Thank you to everyone who came along to the Maths Mastery workshop on Wednesday night. Hopefully it gave you lots of ideas how to support your child at home with maths. Remember that there are lots of resources in the 'files' section of the Y2 WOMBLE page for you to use at home. Please work on the multiplication sheet in your child's maths book this week. The children have been engrossed in our Fantastic Mr Fox work in literacy. If anyone has any kitchen roll tubes at home we would love to have them at school for an art project on Monday.


    Year Three

    This week, we have enjoyed using different maths equipment to model and support our understanding of multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. We have made top trumps about our favourite Egyptian Gods, written instructions to build a pyramid and learnt about the importance of the river Nile. 


    Year Four

    In Year 4 we have been doing lots of experiments to explore solids, liquids and gases, including the way some materials can change their state. In maths, we have continued to investigate area and perimeter, finding strategies to calculate missing measurements and moving onto more complicated rectilinear shapes.


    Year Five

    Happy Friday! The children have been so inspired this week, by the finding of the Kepler planets by the Kepler Telescope, which was launched in 2009. We watched a documentary about the planet findings, in awe at the thought of an exo-planet (outside of our solar system) that could possibly be similar to Earth. Next week the children will be writing their final end-of-unit piece and have now chosen which genre they would like to write in: fiction, science-fiction or non-fiction. We are all incredibly excited to get writing next week and the classes have been buzzing with creative ideas. Some of the children are keen to do some extra research at home to support their writing; go for it! 


    Year Six

    This week we have worked our socks off completing assessment papers and we look forward to seeing how much progress we have made this term. In science, we have been examining and building electrical circuits to see how the voltage affects the brightness of a bulb. Some of us have also been exploring the components of blood and what its function is in our body. In music, we have enjoyed writing our own songs in the style of the blues.