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Uploading homework onto the WOMBLE: A guide

In the digital age that we live in, it is more and more common for children to produce pieces of work on digital devices - and this is great! Unfortunately, for security reasons, we cannot allow children to bring homework in on memory sticks. Therefore if they do create a piece of work on a digital device then it should be uploaded onto the WOMBLE instead (or printed). Uploading work to the WOMBLE allows children to share what they have done with their teacher and their class should they choose to do so. All work is kept in a private folder until they choose to share it.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how children can upload work onto the WOMBLE. Although the screen theme may differ from that of your child, the steps remain the same.


Step 2: Your My Work folder will look like this. You have two buttons that you can choose from:

  • New... allows you to create work on the WOMLE. There are different things you can make, like pictures, writing or a photo or video from a webcam.
  • Upload allows you to choose a piece of work that you have already made and put it into your work folder. When you click on this, a window opens that asks you to choose the piece of work you would like to open. Find it, click on it and then click the open button.

Step 4: When you have uploaded your work, it will appear in your work folder. Any other work you have added will also be here.


Step 5: When you click on your work, a new window opens. It tells you the name of your work and sometimes shows you what it looks like (if it is a picture or video).

There are some buttons on the side of this window and they do different things. Here is what they do:

  • Publish to... allows you to share your work with your class. Click on Publish to... and choose your class from the list of groups that you belong to. If you want to share your work with another group (like eco council) you can, but make sure you it is work that they would want to see.
  • Edit lets you change your work if you spot a mistake or want to make it better.
  • Rename lets you change the name of your work. Sometimes when we upload work it has a funny name. It is good to change the same of your homework to something that you can understand, like 'Rainforest Video' or 'Science Week Homework'.
  • Delete gets rid of your work so it is no longer on the WOMBLE.
  • Comments - if you share your work, you and other people in the group can give nice comments about what they like about your work. They can also give it a rating using the puppy faces under your work.
  • This is Me - This works for pictures only. Use this if you have uploaded a picture of yourself that you want to be your picture on the WOMBLE. This replaces the picture of you that showed up on the WOMBLE before.
  • My Background - This works for pictures only. Click on this if you would like the picture to be the background on your homepage. 

Before your work appears on your class page on the WOMBLE, it has to be approved by an adult. This means a teacher will check if your work is okay and in the right place. You will get an email on the WOMBLE to tell you if it has or hasn't been accepted.

If your work is not accepted onto the WOMBLE, it is usually because it is in the wrong place or you have shared the same thing twice.

Remember that any work on the WOMBLE should be the same quality and style as what you do in class. Please do not upload anything that you wouldn't be happy to share with your teacher at school, including videos and pictures that are not suitable. But please DO share your work on the WOMBLE and be proud of what you have done!

If you have any problems or any questions, please email the school office at admin@westdene.brighton-hove.sch.uk and ask for your message to be forwarded to Mr Franklin.

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