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Westdene Sports Premium

Impact of the School Sport Premium at Westdene Primary School: 2016 - 2017

At Westdene, since the beginning of the Summer Term in 2013, we have been looking at our already very good PE and School Sport provision and how this can be improved even further with the aid of the PE and School Sport Premium Funding.

This academic year, 2016 - 2017, our PE Premium is being used to maintain the position of our part-time PE Specialist Teacher. The main aspect of this role is to sustainably improve the quality and provision of PE and School Sport at Westdene, as per the requirements of the PE Premium Funding.
We strongly feel that having this role at Westdene since September 2014 has had a positive and sustainable impact on our PE and School Sport provision. Our PE specialist has dedicated time to provide curriculum PE support through a bespoke programme of observation, modelled lessons and team-teaching with individual teachers. In this way, the funding of a PE specialist teacher is not deskilling teachers, but having the opposite impact of upskilling our staff in specific areas of need, thus creating a lasting and sustainable improvement in PE and School Sport provision.

In addition to these benefits, the PE Premium, via our PE Specialist teacher is also being used to fund other identified action points that will help to increase and improve our PE and School Sport provision.

See the full impact report by opening the pdf below.

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