Soundmakers is a government funded initiative to give all children an opportunity to experience learning to play a musical instrument at some point during their primary education. This initiative was initially known as "Wider Opportunties" & is now called "First Access" or "Whole Class Ensemble Tuition" (WCET). In Brighton & Hove the projects are called Soundmakers.

At Westdene children in year 5 have the opportunity to participate in this project for 10 weeks, at the end of which children give a concert to their parents & some of the school showing their new musical skills! 

Children will learn to play a flute during the project. Instruments are issued to the children at the start of the project & children are expected to practise at home between sessions. The project is led by an instrumental specialist from Brighton & Hove Music Service & Mrs Bright (our music co-ordinator) also assists with the project. There is currently no financial cost to parents attached to this project. On completion of the project children have the opportunity to continue lessons if they wish & tuition fees are payable from this point onwards.


Brighton & Hove Music Service have a designated area of their website giving help & advice to get the most from their Soundmakers Projects, there are also really great backing tracks to play along with & reminders of how to play notes etc. if you have forgotten how to play something!!

 Click here to access Brighton & Hove Music Service

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Click on the relevant link below to see photos from recent projects & listen to the end of project concerts:

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5L Soundmakers Sept. 2013 - Jan 2014

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5SL Soundmakers September - November 2014

5F Soundmakers April - June 2015


5F Soundmakers September - November 2015

5SH Soundmakers January - March 2016

5W Soundmakers April - June 2016


5K Saturn Soundmakers September - November 2016

5S Neptune Soundmakers January - March 2017

5B Jupiter Soundmakers April - June 2017


5A Soundmakers Sept - Nov 2017

5B Soundmakers Sept - Nov 2017

5C Soundmakers January - March 2018

5H Soundmakers April - June 2018


5F Soundmakers Sept - Nov 2018

5C Soundmakers January - March 2019

5A Soundmakers April - June 2019


5F Soundmakers September - November 2019

5A Soundmakers Jan - March 2020