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At Westdene School we look at the overall attendance of all our children and closely monitor attendance of individual children when it falls below 96%.  When attendance is significantly low we issue a letter letting parents and carers know that we are monitoring the attendance of their child.  Please always let us know if you have any concerns or issues that may affect your child’s attendance.


This table of information, provided by Brighton and Hove Council, shows you how important it is that all children have good attendance which ensures they don’t miss any vital learning.

175 Non-school days a year: Weekends and School Holidays.

190 School days in each year

190 school days in each year

10 days absence


180 days of education

19 days absence


171 days of education

28 days absence


161 days of education

38 days absence


152 days of education

47 days absence


143 days of education

100% attendance

95% attendance

90% attendance

85% attendance

80%  attendance

75% attendance




Best chance of success – gets your child off to a flying start

Less chance of success - makes it harder to make progress

Absence will affect your child’s progress.

Action will usually be taken

Holidays in term time

As a school we do not authorise holidays in term time unless there are unavoidable or exceptional circumstances.  The Education Regulations 2006 have been amended and the new government regulations came into force in September 2013. It is important that you know that parents and carers of children with unauthorised absences may be at risk of receiving a Fixed Penalty Notice from Brighton and Hove City Council’s Access to Education Service.

If you do need to request absence during term time, please complete a form available from the school office and return it with an accompanying letter.  Your request will be considered by the Headteacher and your child’s record of attendance updated appropriately.

But what if my child is ill?

Of course, children are ill on occasions and when this is the case we readily accept that being at home is the best place to be.  Children can’t help being ill and as a school we want all our children to be well and healthy in order to learn happily and confidently when they are here.  However, this traffic light system is a guide to help you to recognise when to send your child into school and when they should be kept at home.  Please be aware that we reserve the right to ask for medical certificates for any absence.


Raised temperature (over 37.5)

Rashes: Can be the sign of many infectious illnesses.  Check with your GP before sending them to school. 

Vomiting and diarrhoea: Please keep your child at home for forty eight hours after the last bout.


Headaches: A child with a minor headache does not usually need to stay off school.  However if the headache is more severe or is accompanied by other symptoms such as a raised temperature or drowsiness then keep your child home and consult your GP.


Cough, cold, sore throat, feeling tired.

* We will always contact you if your child becomes unwell during the school day

If your child will not be attending school:

Please phone the office on 01273 916618 by 9.30am to explain why your child will be absent and the nature of the absence.  If we do not receive a phone call we will phone your home number by 10.00am to ascertain your child’s whereabouts and the reason why they are not in school.  Please also phone on each subsequent day of your child’s absence, or provide us with an indication of when they are expected to return.

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