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History & Geography


The humanities are the basis of how children learn to become responsible citizens, as they are encouraged to engage with complex and debatable ideas.  

Humanities enable children to:

  • make sense of the World they live and know how they are connected by geography and history & religion.
  • consider questions about the meaning and purpose of their lives
  • explore their own identities, values and beliefs and concepts such as time, space and faith
  • develop skills and habits associated with critical and creative thinking
  • extend their cultural and imaginative horizons
  • learn to empathise with people who are different, as well as those who are similar, thereby celebrating diversity, exploring common ground and challenging bias and prejudice
  • learn about democracy, global citizenship and sustainability
  • strengthen a sense of care for themselves, each other and the planet

Creative learning

Throught the development of skills of enquiry, observation and interpretation,as well as workshops and themed days, as well as a range of field trips, theatre and VR experiences the children enjoy a rich exploration of history and geography in line with the National Curriculum.

Children explore what it is to be human and how people live, think and interact in diverse societies, cultures and environments, especially in terms of time, place and belief.  

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