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Each year our annual Enterprise Fortnight culminates in five year olds running their own bake sale, six year olds designing fruit kebabs and seven year olds developing the entrepreneurial skills to organise their own Easter Fayre. Our junior children learn about fair trade, ethics and sustainability along with working as a team on local and national projects. City regeneration, seafront tourism and the i360, changing UK demographics and striking trade deals for Brexit are just a few of the recent projects they have been excited to learn about. 

We are currently planning our Enterprise Fortnight 2024 to link to our sustainability work with Our City, Our World! This will take place in March 2024. 

At Westdene a focus on enterprise enables us to broaden our pupils’ horizons and develop leadership and teamwork skills. 


At Westdene we have a track record of providing careers education for our children. Our pupils are inspired to think about future careers and work with adults from inside and outside of school to develop their skills, expertise and ambitions. This focus helps pupils to develop an understanding of different career paths and to challenge stereotypes.  

As part of our ‘Routes to Success’ project, children enjoyed meeting visiting speakers from: 

  • the UK Space Industry  
  • Video Games Design 
  • Festival Organisation 
  • Engineering  
  • Digital Media  
  • TV  
  • Film  
  • Nutrition  
  • Business  
  • Social Work 
  • Psychology 
  • Law 

Children found out how our visitors first entered their industries- they found out about the training and qualifications they would need and there was also a focus on personal attributes you need to be successful. 

For example: 
Interpersonal skills  
An eye for design  
Written & Verbal Communication  
Listening Skills  
Time Management- meeting deadlines  
How to Establish Trust  
Accuracy and Attention to Detail 


The children are now well aware of how much revenue is generated by the creative industries in the UK as well as some of the exciting opportunities on offer in STEM and STEAM careers (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics.)  

All of our careers work at Westdene is designed to be highly motivational and inspire children whilst broadening horizons and outlook.  

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