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Westdene world buffet

Our Westdene World Buffet home-learning challenge culminated in some incredible work being created by the children. This was set in conjunction with our Harvest Festival and World Gastrono-me day.

A large part of our 'Gastrono-Me' day was spent watching the videos and showcasing presentations made by the children, along with all of the fantastic creative art projects. Poetry has been enjoyed and, in some cases, written. We have listened to food memories about the flavours and aromas that cause your mind to be transported to a different place or time. The children shared recipes and talked about the dishes they have created at home, often bursting with information about why the dish was selected and giving details of a special family significance. We consulted a world map to identify the origins of some of the different foods we have learnt about. The children were great history detectives finding out about food from different decades and generations, even different historical era's .

Brighton city mission harvest collection

Thank you everyone for your generous donations of food for the Brighton City Mission over the last week. The City Mission have already collected the food donated, so it is going straight to good use. Ms. Hagon enjoyed interviewing some of the children as they arrived with their donations . These were included in virtual assembly today to celebrate Harvest Festival and our whole school 'Gastrono-me! Day'


The day was a wonderful opportunity to travel the world from our own kitchens and classrooms and to share in the rich diversity within the school community.  We also enjoyed a Harvest assembly and reflected on how fortunate most of us are to enjoy food on a daily basis when some others cannot do the same.   

It truly has been a feast for the senses and we hope you enjoy the work displayed here.

Sharing & Celebrating Fantastic WOrk

On this page, we have featured just some of the work that was done in the half term break.

Still enjoying looking through all of the work submitted online, we are currently working to collate the recipes shared for everyone to enjoy and hope to be able to share some of the wonderful recipe videos that the children made soon, subject to permission. 

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