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Home Learning at Westdene

Home learning is completed through different activities each week, and will often include a combination of offline and online activities (e.g. spellings in homework books, and maths on MyMaths). Parents are informed about homework arrangements for each year group at our 'Meet the Teacher' information evenings in September.

Below is a list of the online services that are used for home learning in different year groups at Westdene:




The WOMBLE is the members-only area of our school website. When children log onto the WOMBLE, they can access their year group page and activities including maths and literacy games.

Children can also upload homework to the WOMBLE if they have made it on a computer or other device. You can read how to do this by visiting this page and reading through the help guide.

Did you know?

WOMBLE stands for Westdene's Online Member-Based Learning Environment. The name was chosen in a competition when we re-launched our school website a few years ago.

MY MATHS (Y3 - Y6)


The MyMaths website allows children to complete tasks set by their teacher and share their results. It also has a helpful 'lesson' feature where the children can go through a series of interactive learning slides if they find the homework topic challenging.

To log in, children first need to enter the school username (westdene) and password (windmill). 

They then use their personal login details (a 3-digit username and 3-letter password) to access their 'Portal' using the My Portal login after the first login page.


Activities on MyMaths are accessible through a web browser and work best on Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, which are all free to download. Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge browser as they simply don't work properly (for most websites!).

To access MyMaths on a tablet (like an iPad), use the built-in web-browser. There isn't a stand-alone app (at the time of writing).


Available through a web browser or on the dedicated app.

SUMDOG (Y1 - Y6)


Sumdog is a popular maths, reading and spelling activity website which gamifies the learning. It is particularly effective at improving children's fluency (speed and accuracy of answering questions) when comparing those who use it in short bursts regularly at home with those who do not use it at all.

To access Sumdog, your child will need to use their username, password and the school code westdene.

Times Tables Rockstars (Y1-6)


Times Table Rockstars is a gamified times-tables website which builds fluency through a series of games and activities that rely on recall of multiplication facts.

With all children expected to know all of their multiplication and division facts up to 12 X 12 by the end of year four, it is a useful service to access in short bursts, daily (like Sumdog) to build up speed and accuracy.


Available through a web browser or on the dedicated app.

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