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Learning Characteristics & Westdene LEarning Animals

The other factor that can help children become confident, resilient, independent learners is by making their learning more visible and understandable. By using the learning animals, children can clearly understand how they are learning not just what they are learning. These animals represent different ways to learn new things and improve. The children in all classes hear a story written by Year 6 children, about a bear (the learner) who faces many obstacles and difficulties on a journey. He calls upon the help of his animal friends and their skills to aid him. We encourage children to call upon these skills in their own learning on their own journey. By linking these animals to learning objectives and reinforcing these characteristics in assemblies and whole school events, the children at Westdene can clearly articulate how they have become better learners and apply these skills to new learning. This helps to create a culture of lifelong learning.

Learning Animal   Learning Characteristic
Giraffe I can take pride
Lion I can be courageous
Cat I can be curious
Bees I can work in a team
Owl I can plan and concentrate
Spider I can make links
Tortoise I can persevere
Elephant I can support others
Unicorn I can use my imagination
Chameleon I can improve and change


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