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Congratulations to our amazing Boys Choir members for being chosen to welcome Japan to the Rugby World Cup in September 2015!! This is a tremendous achievement - be proud!! Remember, it was your super singing that helped England Rugby choose Westdene Boys Choir from more than 100 other schools!!

Click the play button below to see our actual performance for the Japanese Rugby World Cup 2015 team on Friday 11th September 2015 at The Corn Exchange, Brighton!

Scroll down to the bottom of this  page for more photos & video clips.......

Congratulations!!!! You were AWESOME !!!!!!!!!! I am  SO proud of you!!!!!!!!

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!! Mrs Bright's message to Boys Choir following their performance on Fri. 11th Sept. 2015


Click here for "World in Union" song lyrics         

Click here for "World in Union" backing track

Click the play button below to hear a performance of "World in Union"

Happy Practising!!


Click the play button below to view the congratulations message we were sent from Women's Rugby star Maggie Alphonsi in May 2015:


..............& here is a video of the Webb Ellis Cup touring Japan to promote RWC 2015.


Click here to read a press release about us, sent out on Tuesday 19th May 2015!!

........& another press release from the Youth Sport Trust on Wednesday 20th May 2015!!

Click here to read an article about us printed in The Argus on Thurs. 21st May 2015!!


Brighton & Hove Council Blog

Brighton & Hove City Council are keeping a blog about us preparing & performing for RWC2015.

Click the links below to see information about us celebrating 100 days until RWC2015 begins & just one month until it all happens!!


Wednesday 10th June 100 Days to go!!

Congratulations on your AMAZING performances & interviews!!! I was SO proud of you all & your singing was fabulous!!

Click here to listen to our live broadcast on BBC Radio Sussex on Wednesday 10th June 2015!

Click the link to see the footage filmed by LatestTV on Wed. 10th June 2015:


Click the thumbnails below to see photos from our Press Call on Wednesday 10th June 2015 - we all had SO much fun!!




Click the play button to see us performing on Thursday 25th June 2015. This was our "quality control check" we  sent to England Rugby to show them how we planned to perform "World in Union".

The boys performed fantastically!!


Sunday 19th July 2015

Our visit to Yo Sushi for a Sushi making Workshop!!

What a brilliant time we all had!! Click on the thumbnails below to see how great the boys were at making sushi!!



Tuesday 21st July 2015

Filming & Recording with the Brighton & Hove Council Press Team & BBC Radio Sussex in preparation for 50 days until RWC2015 begins!

Another fabulous experience & you really were superstars!! Very well done!!

Click the thumbnails below to see what we did!


Click the links below to hear us feature on BBC Radio Sussex's morning show on Thursday 30th July 2015 - counting down just 50 days until RWC2015 begins!

BBC Sussex - singing & short interviews

BBC Sussex - singing & long interview

BBC Sussex - singing & more short interviews!


Thursday 10th September 2015

- just one day to go until we perform & a really busy day!!!


Filming for BBC South East Today..........


........& a rehearsal at the Corn Exchange, Brighton!


Friday 11th September, 2015 at

The Corn Exchange, Brighton.

Finally, performance day arrived!!!

We all had a lot of fun spotting the Samoan & Japanese team buses (& later on cheering the teams too!), rehearsing, trying on our T-shirts & waiting in the holding area backstage ready for our big moment........

The boys sang the best they EVER had & we were so proud of them. Huge congratulations boys, VERY well done!!!!

Click the play button below to hear how some of the boys were feeling 40 minutes before we performed!


Here we are cheering for the Japanese team as they leave the Brighton Pavilion after their press call!


......& of course some photos from our amazing day!!


Click the play button below to watch us giving our actual performance!!!

.......and here is the official video of the Japan Welcome Ceremony, produced by England Rugby 2015 following our fabulous performance!!



What an amazing experience we all had!!


Thursday 17th September

We were asked to do a live broadcast for

BBCRadio 5 Live as part of their mid-morning show, we performed on Brighton seafront!

Click here to listen to a recording of our broadcast on 17th September 2015

......& of course we took some photos too!!



Wednesday 21st October 2015

Taiko Drumming Workshop

Our final RWC2015 experience was participating in a brilliant Japanese Taiko Drumming workshop! This was partially funded by the Japan Society Small Grant Scheme, linked with our welcoming the Japanese RWC2015 team.

Click on the thumbnails below to see us in action!

......and finally we were featured on "Thank you" cards sent out by England Rugby to the many agencies & groups who were part of RWC2015. Click here to view the card & our thank you message.


Very well done to our RWC2015 Boys Choir,

we all have memories of a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Letters sent out for RWC 2015

T-shirt letters & initial information June 2015

Live Broadcast Wed.10th June 2015

Filming for England Rugby + Extra Rehearsals 22nd June 2015

Yo Sushi visit Sun. 19th July 2015

Filming on Tues. 21st July + Extra Rehearsals Reminder July 2015

Confirmation of RWC2015 performance date & venue July 2015

Rehearsal Schedule week beg. Mon. 7th Sept & BBC Filming info Sept. 2015

BBC Radio 5 Live broadcast Thurs. 17th Sept. 2015

Rehearsal at the Corn Exchange Thurs. 10th Sept. 2015